About MR Jennings

About Mr. Jennings


Mr Jennings brings a diverse blend of crunked out bass music. Glitch hop is the foundation, and variety is the spice of life. Imagine swing piano, Balkan horns, tribal percussion, and deep bass all mixed up in a cauldron and blasted through a wall of subs.

As a founder and key organizer of the arts collective known as the Party Liberation Front, Mr Jennings brings the PLF's good vibrations to venues and festivals up and down the East Coast. He has co-produced many successful events in Virginia and beyond, such as Lazer Crunk and the classic swinging Speakeasy parties. In addition to playing events, Mr Jennings hosts the Crunkfederacy, a bi-weekly radio show on Glitch.FM from 9-11pm EST every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month.



In addition to headlining parties from Raleigh to Boston, he has shared the stage with awesome acts such as ill.Gates, Shpongle, Eoto, Eskmo, Nosaj Thing, Designer Drugs, King Britt, Nigel Richards, and Dave Nada. He has also played several festivals and shows such as Burning Man, Transformus, Pex Summer Festival, Nomadic Roots, RVA Music Festival, and RVALUTION. Along with playing many festivals he has also co-created and organized the Party Liberation Front's festival village with a full lineup of performers and artists, as well as top notch sound and lighting.